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Review Posted 12/29/2015
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Before I go into my review let me give some back ground information on myself. Over my many years on this earth I have moved numerous times, in fact more times than I care to remember. I have moved across the country, overseas, and even down the street. I have also worked for a very reputable transportation company that was part of a larger conglomerate of transportation companies that the majority of their business dealt with household moves. My company dealt more with specialty moving mostly with large tech companies, museums, and the such. I myself was not a driver, but managed the rigging division of the company. Now with that in mind when I say this is by far the worst, most un-professional moving company that I have ever been involved with, it is a statement that has backing and is not unfounded. First, their entire process of quoting for moves is faulty and designed to allow for the classic bait and switch. In fact, I would go as far to say that their whole companies process is based on scamming the customer, or leaving the customer vulnerable to victimization by their drivers and crews. From what I can tell, unlike other reputable movers, American Home Movers uses un vetted contract drivers and crews. For single females who are thinking of using this company STOP and find another one. Do not put yourself at risk. I digress, so back to the experience. When my pick up date approached they called and attempted to load days earlier then scheduled, in fact they were scheduled for a Tuesday and tried to pick up on Sunday afternoon. Again Schedules are everything in the transportation industry, your ability to stay on schedule is what separates good ones from the bad ones. Which leads me to my next issue. The transit time by DOT regulations (regs state 11 hours’ max drive time a day) from my pickup location to my destination is 2 days, 3 max with bad weather. American Home movers took 11 days to deliver (this after being threatened with a complaint being filed against their DOT number). Not only did they take that long, but the arrival time they gave me they missed by a good 6 hours. They arrived at 4pm on Christmas eve to unload my household goods. Also during this 11-day travel period I learned that my household goods were unloaded at warehouse then reloaded later for delivery. This is where the incompetence really takes place. The driver who picked up the load was given instructions on proper handling of some of our items (I collect a lot of antiques) he took care to load our things properly, which I can say without a shadow of a doubt that that gentlemen is an abnormality within his organization. With that said the buffoons that unloaded then reloaded our items took no care at all. When they arrived at our new place what I saw amazed me. Boxes stacked without lids on so the contents could spill out everywhere, heavy boxes stacked up light ones, smashed boxes with Fragile stickers all over them. These brilliant individuals broke a heavy duty rolling tool box, they sheared off a caster. In three years of being in the transportation industry as a rigger and moving 1000lb tool boxes on an off of trucks via docks and with fork lifts I have never seen this happen. They took my vintage 1960 stereo and placed it on its side and stacked boxes on it, crushed a record player that was in a clear hard plastic container clearly marked fragile. I found it with several heavy boxes stacked upon it. Again the level of incompetence is amazing here, I could continue to list all the issues with the loading of the truck but I do not feel like writing a novel. So I will move on to the grand finale, the delivery. First these individuals could not read their own paper work and could not find our house, mostly due to going to the incorrect address, after a five-minute conversation I even asked them if they were even in the correct city. For it was becoming obvious they were not very good at navigation. This was a sign that I was not dealing with professionals. Upon their arrival I found that their customer service skills were lacking to the point of being excellent examples on how not to treat customers. They were rude, especially with my wife, rude to the point that my desire to pop one in the mouth was to the point that it almost over ruled my desire to get my stuff unloaded. I will say in any other situation if these individuals acted the way they did towards mine or any man’s wife would most definitely warrant action in a very negative way on my part. They showed little to no care when unloading our items. When I say little to no care I mean to be blunt they purely gave no shit about it. I witnessed them throwing around boxes, despite the fact that the contents were clearly rattling loudly, they stacked boxes on top of ones marked fragile, placed clearly marked one’s upside down, I even caught them using another one of my tool boxes as a step stool. They mishandled my antique items and when I tried to explain the proper way to handle them I was told that they have been doing this for 20 years and know what they are doing. Clearly after 20 years these men should be competent at their jobs, alas they are not and should find a new profession because they have failed immensely at it and should just give it up. Finally, after this fiasco, I waited very patiently for the next business day to begin the claim process and report to the leadership of this company the horrible experience I had. I called at least 20 times on that day, got the run around when the phone was actually answered, most of the time it was a busy or even better I got a fax tone a couple times. Once I finally got a person who seemed to be in touch with her job I actually was told that a third party handles all their claims and was given a web address. I went to it and discovered that the claim will take 120 days to process and even better it is going to take me a week to register with the company just to begin the process. Oh the hits keep coming with this company. Now back to American Home Movers, (I am sure I will be writing another review once the claim process is done) after the person in dispatch informed me of the “claim process” I explained all the above problems I had with their services. Now a good dispatcher would have taken down my complaints explained that they would be addressed and even promise a follow up call. As I have previously demonstrated doing the right thing is not in this companies’ moto. The individual I spoke with was very clear with the fact that he/she could have cared less with my complaints and the performance of their company and was only focused on getting me off the phone to continue with collecting a paycheck for doing as little as possible. To conclude, American Home Movers is a prime example of a how not to run a moving company and should be avoided at all costs. They give the industry a bad name, and believe me there are better options out there, way better options than them. When looking at other companies you might say they are pricey, moving is not cheap, and going with American Home movers you will end up spending the same if not more than if you went with one of the more reputable moving companies. At least you will not be having to replace your stuff with other companies as well as not have to deal will incompetence and crooks. To be honest this is partly my fault, I knew better but decided to give this smaller company a chance. I have learned my lesson the hard way. I do plan on filling formal complaints with the DOT and other agencies after all is said and done, I also encourage others that have had similar experiences to do the same. It is a sad state of affairs when companies like this continue to operate and prey on folks who are striking out to start anew in this world. Moving is stressful enough you do not need to be treated the way this company, American Home Movers, treats its customers.
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