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Complaint Posted 10/18/2010
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Toyota Motor Credit was and still is Unethical in billing, collection and wrongly repossing vehicles, although they justify it, here's my review to shed light on anyone else experiencing this. They blocked my account from receiving payments to acrue my default and informed me everything was fine and while they 'tried' to figure it out, they would call me back. Then no returned call, two days later, my car repossessed. (REVIEWERS FROM STATE OF MN, PLEASE MAKE SURE THE LAST PARAGRAPH IS READ)

If Toyota gives you the letter to Acrue Defualt, they have the duty to inform borrowers they wil not accept formal routine method of payment you've made before, and that the ONLY new limited and restricted payment your allowed to make is Certified Western Union to "Cactus AZ." Not only did they fail to not mention Western Union, they failed to mention "Cactus AZ" where the money is to be sent, and inform you to stop paying your normal way. Even after repossesing vehicles,they make repossesing your vehicle impossible and in "good faith" the towing fee is an exorbent $470.00 not including $25.00 a day storage they claim they have no control over.

According to my state law, TMC has to allow me 30 days to Acrue my defult by sending me The Right to Acrue Default Notice. Which I recieved and my deadline was July 6th in the amount of X. Prior to recieving the notice, 3-4 weeks, my online account mysteriously wasnt accessible not matter how I attempted to reset the password or be sent the username and password through email. I follwed all the instructions prompted on the screen to access my account, nothing worked. The importance of accessing the online account was that it was my main method/routine of payment second with automated phone system.

On July 6th, date of the deadline, still not able to access my account. I finally resorted to paying the automated system to process the payment. *Anyone used the automated system for Toyota knows you arent required to punch in your routing or bank account number if you have used the system before and are using the same bank account to make a payment* I processed the payment over the phone, as I've done for two whole years and the automated system would ask if you would like to use the account number ending in ****. You punch in yes after you punched in the amount you wanted. The system then thanks you and hang up after giving you the confirmation number.

July 7th, I still didnt see my bank account show a 'pending' transaction, but thought to give it another day, although pending transactions are typically immediate if not a few hours after a transaction to display 'pending.' July 8th, I didnt see it again. I panicked. I called CS and agent informed me she sees it as going through, but I informed her it didnt show it even as pending in my bank. She informed me just give your bank sometime, although I knew by heart how fast my bank generally took on certain things because I've banked with them for almost a decade. Basically, she told me everything was fine, and tried calming me down. So, I hang up.

Next week Monday, after still not seeing it go through in my bank account. I panicked and called Toyota. She informed me, it wasnt processed because they myseteriously couldnt locate that same bank account used to make payments for two years. Two months later, they sent me a screen shot that showed they couldnt locate it. Of course your not going to locate it if they block your account completely like they did my online account! But I have her the same bank account and routing number and even the same debit card used before connected to the same bank. She stated, "maybe your bank was bought out." I still see Wellsfargo around...we kept trying and trying. I then hung her up to call my bank to see why it wasnt working. Bank told me toyota was able to deduct from my account and funds are there. Called Toyota back.

2nd agent, same thing. I even asked her how about a credit card? She said only a debit connected to my bank. We tried for two hours. I refused to hang up because I informed her, I had payment and I do not want a repossession for many reasons (avoid bad credit rating). Since there seemed to be nothing to do, and I refused to hang up, she informed me she would look into it and return my call. She never did. Two days later, my car was taken.

I called and spoke with Reinstatement dept supervisor DON. who confirmed Toyota does block your online account (shutting it off). I informed him of all details of events/situation, he blamed me that I could have sent it through Western Union. If I would have known my account is blocked for paying it the normal regular way, I would. He informed me Western Union sent to "Cactus AZ" where the reinstatement dept. is located! How was I supposed to have known 'prior' to 'repossession' to send it to reinstatement dept. when my car wasnt repossessed at that point?! Even if I sent western union, I had to specifically send the payment to Arizona "Cactus AZ", where the dept was located not where the normal payment was taken in Illinios! No mention of this in the letter or anyone I spoke to prior to repossesion.

As I pointed that out, he blamed me that I gave the agents wrong bank account number because they couldnt "find" it. I informed him, it's the same one I used for two years. It's the same one the automated system also recognized. It's the same one, that is also at time automatically deducted when I set my online account to do so. I even showed him my bank statement that I had made a large deposit at my bank on July 6th before 12pm so it would go through that very same day. As he accused me I must have supplied inacccurate bank material, I grew angry and demanded he pull up all recordings for that week I attempted to pay. He informed me to call back in a few days while he located it. I called back. He stated they do not record therefore, nothing. Why look if you do not record?

I faxed him my bank deposit slip and everything. Samething. My fault. My fault I defaulted although even prior to defaulting, Toyota blocked my online account. To add insult to injury, Toyota themselves sent me my monthly account summary on July 18, drafted JULY 9th, stating "last payment RECIEVED" was the full amount toyota requested on the notice to acrue defualt! I sent them this too!

Supervisor Don did alot of running around on his words. I spoke to them over 9 hours in two weeks time my sprint bill went over and I paid $200.00 just talking to them. Then I was informed the towing fee was $420.00 which was more than half of the default amount, and $25.00 storage a day! By the time I got the vehicle out of storage, it cost me a total of over $750.00 they made getting the vehicle IMPOSSIBLE! They wanted the car back and they did anything and everything to have it back, even if that meant limiting how you paid without telling you, then towing charge off the roof and that they had no control over reducing it.

So far, I provided, my bank deposit for July 6th, my bank account total for the month of July and June, my detailed events of who and when I called and spoke to. But nothing. I even asked, if they werent going to reimburse the towing expense, at least reverse the credit damage that's associated with a repossession. Nothing. I finally recieved a letter a few weeks ago from someone from toyota after I had to go through the State Attorney General for mediation. Obviously, her letter picked and choose events from my timeline that sutied Toyota and ignored everything else. I found it funny she asked for to see if I had funds in my account for the month of July, because the whole issue wasnt if there's sufficient funds, the whole issue was they "couldn't locate my account." How do you determine if there's sufficient funds or not is you arent even capable of locating the account in the first place (according to them)? This Toyota investigator, if she really wants to invstigate, should contact everyone who made a complaint here. There seems to be a central theme...follow the law/contract (Good Faith), but not the spirit of the law or contract.

This is a summary. I didnt want to go into detail because in detail, I generated a 13 page report and 22 pages total with bank documents, etc. If anyone is making the same similar complaint from the STATE OF MINNESOTA, please contact me, and we should forward your complaint to the STATE OF MINNESOTA ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE to further file potential legal suit, as the General's office does not file suite on behalf of only one citizen.
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