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  • After our accident, me and my family were literally panicking. I was out of work and my wife was a stay at home mom. We could hardly afford anythin... Read More »
  • A++ Great transaction Read More »
  • I have been using Platinum CPE courses since 2013. I find them comprehensive, easy to use, and very affordable. Since Platinum gives me 6 months to... Read More »
  • This Law firm rocks! We hired them to help us get our Bank Of America loan modified because we had been trying for months and just getting the run... Read More »
  • I started my process on May 23, 2016 and I received notice today, September 30, 2016, it has been funded and closed today. Too many loan officers c... Read More »
  • The people at the LAX location where we rented a car where nice enough. The car was scratched and dented and had two large holes in the rear bumper... Read More »
  • Pickup was ok. Delivery is now going on 5 hours late' i will not recommend this company, quote was off by 400$ overall not satisfied Read More »
  • THE most recent time is at our Office Building this week that a floor of offices were flooded Due to a leak and pipe burst in our main utility are... Read More »
  • Purchased patio furniture from Home Depot that was manufactured by this Company. Three of four chairs went together like a charm; however the fourt... Read More »
  • It was a pleasure working with Oscar and Rakiah. I told them what I was able and willing to do when it came to my refi and they were able to get me... Read More »
  • I have never invested in gold or silver, but felt it was time to diversify. I talked to Nick Drymon and he was very patient and knowledgeable in e... Read More »
  • My husband and I worked with Oscar on our refi. He was responsive, knowledgeable and got the job done. In a world where customer service seems to b... Read More »
  • Excellent experience! Dominic and the rest of the team were outstanding to work with - made the entire process simple and seamless. Thanks! Read More »
  • Charles at Noble Gold has been very helpful. He earned my trust over a few weeks of back and forth communication. I did my diligence and spoke with... Read More »
  • Ravy Pov and Jorge Morales did an excellent job of making my refinance quick and simple! You have saved my thousands of dollars in interest over th... Read More »
  • You have given us the freedom from worry during the Deed In Lieu process with our Lenders. I would have been at a loss when our first lender sold t... Read More »
  • I happen to currently live at Centreport Lake Apartments in Fort Worth, Texas. I was lied to about the amount the water, sewer and trash would be.... Read More »
  • I wish I had seen these reviews before I sent in my Ipod Nano 5th Gen for battery replacement. They are NOT RESPONSIVE to inquiries... they don't... Read More »
  • I dealt with 3 other personal injury attorneys before finally dealing with Pacific Attorneys. What the other 3 had in common is they were very inco... Read More »
  • They were fast, alert and on my recovery of monies immediately, without reserve. I had my money within 5 months. I guess the other clients who dont... Read More »
  • Thanks Gary &Laura Gary and Laura helped me reduce my mortgage interest rate from 3.99% to 3.25%. Both made this happen hazzle free with no problem... Read More »
  • Many thanks to Shaun Panochit and Michelle Avina for all their help in closing two separate loans! Excellent communication and friendly service. I... Read More »
  • I have been served by Regal Assets, LLC and their advices are very useful to me. I got many important points which can help to the other people who... Read More »
  • It was my first experience with the WristbandBuddy. I am really impressed by their product quality, discount offers and shipping services. Highly r... Read More »
  • I got lots of experiences in different security companies and finally I am satisfied with Trusklink security system. When I installed it firstly I... Read More »
  • I used their service for 1 year and then the system automatically billed me for another year. Same day I called them to cancel it and get my charge... Read More »
  • I would like to express my gratitude to the loan officers Lien Nguyen and Jason Trant for refinancing my house. My family and I are very happy. It... Read More »
  • 4 Seasons 365 are travel experts! They really do take care of planning all parts of your trip, an awesome service!! Read More »
  • First decide if you're a visual learner or auditory learner. If the former, take the online self-guided course. It's a lot of reading but it's comp... Read More »
  • After all the lies and B.S we went through I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. They claim you can talk to a supervisor if not sati... Read More »
  • Such a fantastic website, with such quick responding people. And the staff are always trustworthy from what i've seen and help resolve any issues. Read More »
  • I ordered a pair of Oakley SI-8 boots from LaPolice gear. They were delivered today, Obviously a knock off. The seams were separated/ unsewn. Not e... Read More »
  • Bottom line: This software does not do what it offers. More importantly, shady billing practices seriously impact their credibility. I was mistaken... Read More »
  • Confession: When I heard about the loan forgiveness program a couple of years ago, I did not believe it was true.Or that it could benefit someone l... Read More »
  • We are proud to help homeowners during difficult times. Our advocacy group is a unique blend of homeowner, past mortgage professionals, and motivat... Read More »
  • After doing a lot of research, I ordered my Schwinn AC Performance Bike w/Carbon Blue by phone a few days ago with Steve. He spent at least 45 minu... Read More »
  • I would like to thank the entire staff at Roosevelt Law Center PC. Nancy, William, Lisa, and everyone else i may have worked with the past year. I... Read More »
  • Our thanks to Adam and Keri for providing us with great service in refinancing our mortgage. We had some unusual issues which made our application... Read More »
  • What a great experience. I was referred to Gary McPeak by a family member and what a great recommendation it was. Both he and Laura Rosen were fant... Read More »
  • DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF GOING THERE! NOT EVEN IF YOU ARE DESPERATE! I am a GC and referred a lot of business to them in the past. Issues started... Read More »
  • Chris Williams and his team were superb! They went out of their way to make everything easy for us vs having to go out of our way. From the documen... Read More »
  • I don't have any plan to used this security. But now I am using this and now I am really amazed whats a great security. Read More »
  • I was referred to Lee by a good friend. I have refinanced with Lee twice and referred friends. Both mine and my friends experiences were stellar. L... Read More »
  • We recently refinanced our home and couldn't be happier! Coastal Pacific Lending Inc. is knowledgeable, efficient, and honest. I strongly recommend... Read More »
  • Chetu provides Good work life balance and ample learning opportunities.” Great workplace with knowledgeable people, excellent environment and balan... Read More »
  • Gary McPeak and Laura helped us reduce our mortgage rate to 3.25% through the VA IRRRL program, with no fees and with two months off our mortgage p... Read More »
  • Thanks to you now I love spending time in the kitchen. I bought a kitchen backsplash. Now my kitchen looks very different, well-groomed and clean.... Read More »
  • Ron Tippit was great to work with. Excellent customer service. He made the whole process easy. I would use Augusta again. Even their premium over s... Read More »
  • Thank you guys. I ordered a glass table for office. I wanted to create an appropriate business style, because I always spend in the office meeting... Read More »
  • Go Credit is a flexible short term loan provider. We offer loans from a minimum of about 10 days to a max of about 6 months with an easy loan repay... Read More »
  • I hired Rodeo Law Group to help me with my loan with Wells Fargo. I had been attempting to modify my loan for years on my own so I did some researc... Read More »
  • doesn't live up to their word on the low amount of closing costs they offer at the get go of the refinancing process. I was told $575... Read More »
  • David Taylor provided me with outstanding support and guidance throughout our transaction. He was very patient and answered all my questions over a... Read More »
  • Just recently closed on a refinance and the whole process was simple and easy. The lender credit and rate was unmatched. Chris Witczak was great an... Read More »
  • Scooter and registration paperwork were delivered on schedule as specified. My emails and were answered with phone calls within a half hour. They r... Read More »
  • We had an extremely negative experience with Sunstar Heating & Aire. My wife and I expected service performed for an average cost. The work perform... Read More »
  • We have always dreamed of a nice custom wrought iron gate and white limestone columns for our driveway. Texan Fence gave us a nightmare instead. Th... Read More »
  • Thanks to Johnny Lee, I was able to refinance the way I wanted to, with the rate and loan terms I wanted. Johnny has a winning attitude that made t... Read More »
  • Received my new laptop a day earlier than expected, and I was blown away by the performance. I did unfortunately have a motherboard problem after a... Read More »
  • This is hands down the best and most stable gaming PC I've ever owned. Read More »
  • The IRS was auditing me for 2 years and was trying to force me to pay over $86,000 I didn’t actually owe and certainly didn’t have. If it weren’t f... Read More »
  • My husband and I are owner of three family house and have two boys. About a year half ago one of my tenants was unemployed and his wife was work pa... Read More »
  • I usually don't write reviews, but I have to say that Debra, in accounts payable is fantastic. Thank you for your quick and helpful response. Read More »
  • Polywood Furniture arrived quickly and proved attractive and well made. Very pleased.I recommend to anyone looking for new furniture to go here fir... Read More »
  • They have been our regular event planners since last year and their performance gets better each time. Both the quality of equipment and quality of... Read More »
  • We want to give a huge thanks to Arvin and Samiera for helping us out with our refinancing. It was done very quickly and efficiently. We were surpr... Read More »
  • Very pleased with the work TaxScout has done for our company. Unlike other recuriters, they actually get to know you so that they can find applican... Read More »
  • Jonathan Yuen and the Prime Choice Funding team did a great job! He delivered as promised -- lowest interest rate available and no mortgage payment... Read More »
  • I have just ordered my bike with Steve. He sounds like he really knows his craft and the bikes he sells. Gave me a very nice deal on a bike and a p... Read More »
  • ok guys, I was fooled and robbed by these guys as well. I have two names here that we can write and complain to the state Bar and possibly use them... Read More »
  • I lived in a tall building with no elevator. I was sure that it was going to be a huge issue for the movers from Straight Forward Moving but they d... Read More »
  • Bradley Austin Jones and his team were the best in getting my refinance loan complete. The only hiccup was from my employers end... The electronic... Read More »
  • Tiwana Deol Sandhu LLP is a full service law firm providing legal representation and advice in family and matrimonial law, business and real estate... Read More »
  • Signed up with Federal Student Loan Options 3 months ago with Ruby and I was her first client. I told her if everything went well and she can get m... Read More »
  • My contact at Noble Gold Investments was Collin Plume. He eased my concerns about doing my rollover into a Gold IRA. He is patient and understands... Read More »
  • Charles Thorngren went above and beyond to help me rollover my old IRA. Charles kept me informed every step of the way. Noble is a great company. I... Read More »
  • Kirtan Khalsa was very helpful in guiding me through the process of transferring my non precious metals IRA account into a Regal Assets Gold IRA ac... Read More »
  • I purchased a Clarion head unit from Sonic with all the recommended installation parts for a Honda CRV. Installer now says there was no adapter for... Read More »
  • Smooth, Smooth, Smooth.......I can't speak highly enough as to the absolute positive experience I encountered working with Gary McPeak & Laura duri... Read More »
  • Tess: over the last few years Tess has been great to work with, this is why I continually use her in all my refinance and finance of my home. I ha... Read More »
  • This has been the worst experience of my life with a contractor. I signed the contract with Paradise Swimming Pools & Spas on February 2nd, 2016 an... Read More »
  • Rainmakerdots gives us a best service. Read More »
  • Ivy, Tiffany and Tara are such a good team. They work hard to get you the best deal. Thank you! Read More »
  • Ralph Flores gave me an outstanding service , he was very helpful and answered all my calls at any time and explained to me all what I wanted to kn... Read More »
  • I had the pleasure of speaking to Debra in Accounts Payable when the regular girl was on vacation. She was so Pleasant, Knowledgeable and Helpful.... Read More »
  • I've been doing offers on TrialPay for Listia credits and their support tab stopped showing me the offers I had clicked on. So, I started screen sh... Read More »
  • It was a pleasure working with Ryder. There was no pressure and he made me feel comfortable with my decision to transfer some of my 403b to gold an... Read More »
  • No complaints.. fast and cheap Read More »
  • Thank you Shanti Hendricks and Capital Gold Group, in my opinion they are the best; they offer the widest selection of investment products and gold... Read More »
  • Thanks to James Chu, I was able to refinance the way I wanted to, with the rate and loan terms I wanted. James has a winning attitude that made the... Read More »
  • I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Wade at Ladera Lending, and he made the refinancing process stress free by being in constant contact with m... Read More »
  • Ryan Berry, thank you so much for all your wonderful help and patience through the process of getting me qualified for this mortgage loan, I did no... Read More »
  • I called this company to ask about a problem I am having getting my 2013 RAM Longhorn Laramie repaired. The thing wouldn't shut off!! Ended up taki... Read More »
  • Loved the concert. Paid for "meet and greet tickets." I wanted to thank Black Sabbath for 40 years of memories. I did so when we were taking person... Read More »
  • Mr. Newland was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time when my insurance company denied my claim. He was very compassionate, and helped... Read More »
  • I'm very satisfied . Was able to incorporate everything we wanted into the website ... Turbo S Studios, Inc. went above and beyond by giving us a f... Read More »
  • From the very onset, they came across professional, quick and attentive. Updated with web communication and fast response time, they handled the tr... Read More »
  • This was the worst sales experience of my life. Like many other reviewers, my experience started off great. I saw the exact make and model of the c... Read More »
  • I never expected to have to use an alarm but Security One performed as needed when the time came. A trespasser was trying to open a back door in my... Read More »
  • We appreciated the excellent customer service provided by the closing coordinator on our refinance, Mike Chung. He was always easily reachable and... Read More »
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