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Freedom LegaL Plans Forensic Loan Audit
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5/31/2011 3:33 PM (PST)

I am taking a leap of faith and trying to save my home by battling the mortgage company.. Or lack there of... I got my loan with Taylor Bean and Whitaker, a big time mortgage company that was raided by the feds for fraud, and shut down shortly there after, since then I have been sold to other loan SERVICERS twice and They are hitting me with all kinds of fees and changing my monthly payment.. I asked for a Modification as I was recently unemployed and I am getting the run around, has anyone had a GOOD experience with FREEDOM LEGAL PLANS? I am very interested and would love some feedback on this company, as I am having a hard time finding anything bad about them online ...Thanks

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6/10/2011 8:58 PM (PST)

Forensic Loan Audits are a marketing scam. Read this California AG warning.

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9/21/2011 6:00 AM (PST)

Mortgage Fraud Examiners exposed this problem of bogus forensic loan audits over two years ago in a press release: "Beware of the Latest Foreclosure Rescue Scam—“Forensic Loan Audits."

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