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  • I almost lost a new job opportunity because of Hire Right. Reading through the recent reviews, my experience with this firm was exactly the same. T... Read More »
  • These people used to be good. Now if you order you do not get your product, they don;t answer the phone nor their email. I am so disappointed. They... Read More »
  • They say fill out this form to request a free information kit. What you get is a spam like phone call from your area code. Call back, say I wanted... Read More »
  • We had a really positive experience with the person IDS assigned to our account. I never felt like I had to chase him for anything and he was alway... Read More »
  • My tenants were telling me they were having issues with the washer display. My husband couldn't figure it out, so he called this company and explai... Read More »
  • the best salads you can find anywhere! they also have great lunch specials. Read More »
  • The team of JanBask Digital Design is popular for delivering modern solutions and attractive apps. The JanBask Digital Design is famous for app dev... Read More »
  • Charlie and the advantage gold team was very helpful. I appreciate everything they did from the service to the education. I am so excited for gold... Read More »
  • I was having an issue with my machine(it turned out to be my fault, i loaded the paper the wrong way!!!!) 2 minutes later and I'm good to go! I nev... Read More »
  • I had a wonderful experience with Advantage Gold. James was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Unmatched education and truly a great experience!! Read More »
  • Gabriella Shofet and Kristin Graves gave me wonderful experience in my financing process. The company itself is very competitive in rating, the loa... Read More »
  • This washer service took 2 months to fix our building’s washers and dryers, called almost daily and their employees give me a date but the technici... Read More »
  • I have been in working with ClaimTek for a while now. Recently, I had trouble with my website. It was a pretty big issue unrelated to anything Clai... Read More »
  • Refinance my house with Alex. He made sure I understood the whole process. Keep me informed and explained the whole process to me. A pleasure doing... Read More »
  • Charlie was extremely helpful. I was provided with plenty of useful information on gold and silver and each of my questions was answered clearly. E... Read More »
  • Thank you for taking care of 3 of my Rolex watches. All three; the Rolex President platinum day date, the gold Serti Submariner, and the ladies two... Read More »
  • Thank you James and the team at Advantage Gold. Stand out customer service and stellar education. Read More »
  • What an awful experience with Amanda and Wiggin Out. I ordered a wig for around $1000. For that price I was expecting exceptional quality and servi... Read More »
  • Marc was extremely helpful and patiently answered my many questions about gold and silver. He gave great analogies, helping me better understand th... Read More »
  • I recently had the opportunity to work with the ClaimTek Support Team in the deployment of my ClaimTek website. Having sent final required informat... Read More »
  • Charlie was super helpful and knowledgeable. Read More »
  • We want to thank Juan Chavez, Jim Baker, Mayumi Bower, NACA and Liz Trujillo, Faith First Banc Corp. Juan was the first person with whom we spoke t... Read More »
  • I bought a stationary bike from them at the end of June, a $2k purchase. This company has the worst costumer service that I've ever experienced. Th... Read More »
  • BEV
    I love my new ring! It’s so glamorous and the setting looks really nice on my hand. I have received so many compliments and people saying it looks... Read More »
  • Sent in a silverware set and an old ring setting. Received a call from customer service as I was printing out the shipping label asking info had an... Read More »
  • Don't try to call and get a price quote. They run you around and if you will not listen to the pitch(I spoke to Ralph!) they tell you not to waste... Read More »
  • We were struggling to gain email marketing efficiency until Lake B2B. Their list was super-efficient, responsive, and segmented exactly in a way th... Read More »
  • This is my 3rd year. Higher Level Processing has been helping me since 2018. They are a blessing! I would not be able to afford my student loan. Wi... Read More »
  • I am going to stick with Moving Nation based on my personal experiences not reviews. This was my second time using them but the first time reviewin... Read More »
  • I invested with Allegiance Gold about a year ago, and now with Gold prices are up i made a sizable gain. I did reach out to invest in silver , and... Read More »
  • Alex processed my VA interest rate reduction refinance loan (IRRRL) quickly. No drama here just outstanding results. I recommended him to family me... Read More »
  • My experience was excellent, from the customer service to improving my credit score to finally getting out of debt! Read More »
  • Excellent Service, very professional. Read More »
  • Tried to fix two leaks on a garden hose. Turned off water/dryed the area, applied the clear tape. It was a total failure when the hose was turned o... Read More »
  • 06/25/2020 Woofersetc is asking me to purchase part of the product that should be covered under warranty. Purchased image dynamics speakers... Read More »
  • I tried a couple of times to complete a modification on my own through the bank and an attorney, in both instances the bank told me that I could ha... Read More »
  • My old high school class ring sat unloved in a drawer for 40-something years. Might as well have cash instead, so I mailed it in with the easy prin... Read More »
  • Adams materials are incredible the recourses that they were able to provide really made me feel comfortable! I am so happy to have moved my account... Read More »
  • I placed an order on April 2, 2020 to get items for the COVID and I have yet to receive the order. I have tried calling a dozen times, left multipl... Read More »
  • Apartment Painting Oklahoma they are professional in their job, his painting work are beautifull with high quality in painting desing with great co... Read More »
  • I found a book online that looked interesting. After I requested a copy I spoke with Rob about a gold IRA. He was very helpful and showed me things... Read More »
  • Advantage Gold and Mitch were extremely helpful through the entire process of converting my IRA into precious metals - I spoke to a number of compa... Read More »
  • Great customer service. Andrew answered all questions, followed up, and stayed in contact throughout the process. Read More »
  • We recommend Apartment Painting Oklahoma, because they did an excellent job of painting kitchen and ceiling remodeling at my grandfather's house lo... Read More »
  • Thank you Cameron for the help and the information! You were extremely patient and informative with all the resources! I wish I could give 10 stars Read More »
  • In our laundry room, tennants complained about the spacing being too crammed. After our old machines finally broke down and out of laundry, Dadson... Read More »
  • I just bought a Refurbished Life Fitness Signature Olympic Incline Bench. Global Fitness has the best brands with the best prices. I would like... Read More »
  • I found The Phenix Group completely by chance, but I am truly grateful for it. Upon giving them my information for a FREE analysis, I was contacted... Read More »
  • Dane reached out to me a while ago, but I was slow to respond (completely on me). When I finally did get around to calling, Dane took all the time... Read More »
  • We worked with Contractor and Consulting on a large renovation project and had an amazing experience. Dan Kogan the owner, really took care of us d... Read More »
  • Product looks months to arrive One solar panel was completely smashed and unusable. They have refused to replace the panel as After 3 months of d... Read More »
  • I ordered 15 custom printed t-shirts on June 29, 20. The order confirmation estimated delivery on July 7 to 8. Today is July 30 and they HAVE NOT E... Read More »
  • I really like working with Mark Huffman at Advantage Gold. It was thanks to Mark that I moved my IRA from the bank retirement account into precious... Read More »
  • I turned in a lease early because the dealer agreed to pay it off. The dealer made one (but not two) payments and Hyundai Moter Finance failed to c... Read More »
  • The process was fast and seamless. Good customer service. Thank you. Read More »
  • They made the selling process easy and efficient. I’m not sure they really offered meThe best price but it did get done quickly Read More »
  • Imagine no results with campaigns and then out of nowhere, we get an enterprise deal. Thanks to Lake B2B we are more than happy with the outcomes a... Read More »
  • This is a great places to go to for natural supplements, if you cannot afford medicien. When I lost my insurance and unable to pay for the medicien... Read More »
  • Great machines that are reliable and long lasting. The leasing options help too. Read More »
  • I had my Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date repaired and serviced, it came back looking brand new and it is running like a dream. Thanks for the great wor... Read More »
  • Took a while but the 22 year old watch looks like the day I got it. Band was rebuilt. I wear my Omega Stainless Constellation every day for 22 yea... Read More »
  • Best handyman services in NYC. I got in contacted with them to get my LED mounted on the wall. They did a fabulous job. I really like the way they... Read More »
  • Thx to Mark, Clarita, Jacob and Alex, i was able to complete my gold ira on time, and take advantage of the rise in gold prices. What i liked about... Read More »
  • My friend offered me the opportunity to buy his Rolex Submariner model 1680 he had purchased new back in 1976. The watch had never been serviced wi... Read More »
  • I have used them several times over the years never any problem,but NOW I am selling our stock to another company I talked to them they walked me t... Read More »
  • I needed to make a color change to my office, and call Bay Ridge Interior Painting they understood my proposal, and best of all they fit my budget. Read More »
  • Juan Chavez, a NACA employee, has been helping me to keep my house, he is very knowledgeable and always there, when I need him, a very responsible... Read More »
  • Juan helped me as much as he could always kept in contact with me , but the company he works for not so much . But jaun kept on prodding them along... Read More »
  • I am in sales, and customer service is extremely important. Sell your Gold gets an A+...excellent follow up, easy instructions, shipping process ea... Read More »
  • I found the 20 hour course to be invaluable. I happened to be unemployed at the time, and my UE insurance was not interrupted. When the testing cen... Read More »
  • I'm a repeat customer and have recommended Alex Zelada to friends, who were very pleased with his service. Alex always finds the best rates and mak... Read More »
  • I'm so glad I made the decision to work with Pacific Associates! I was struggling with credit card debt and the insane amount of interest I was acc... Read More »
  • I recommend NACA to anyone that wants to buy a home or save their home from for closure. I was referred by a close family member that was losing he... Read More »
  • We ordered mugs for a trade show. We understood the only limitation was not to machine wash. We used them for about two weeks and handwashed every... Read More »
  • This is a good Python course for beginners as well as experts as here all the basic concepts of Python to its advanced concepts with Data Science a... Read More »
  • We decided to go for an AB test before we chose a data vendor for the next quarter. Out of 6 vendors we narrowed down on Lake B2B without an elemen... Read More »
  • I enrolled in JanBask Training’s Data Science with R & Python to enhance my career in data-concentric industries & must say it was a great experien... Read More »
  • I was repairing a computer for a client. I was missing the retainer clips labeled “F311” on an HP 15-db0015dx for his spacebar. The spacebar retain... Read More »
  • After a few research to find a school or training to get my MLO license, I settled on Loan Officer School. Needless to say I was extremely excited... Read More »
  • How a conference call with Augusta Precious Metals today and to say it was enlightening would be a dis-service. The conference was very informative... Read More »
  • Poor customer service from Jay and the customer support toll free number at TBE when we tried repeatedly to contact him and them about the delay in... Read More »
  • The product I bought—a vase—was not as pictured. So i had to pay for shipping from them (fifteen dollars) and shipping back from them ($14.95]. TH... Read More »
  • I have used three times now. I feel very comfortable using them in the future for my metal liquidation needs. Thank you! Read More »
  • Within the first few minutes of speaking to Alex on the phone, I knew we were going to move forward with him for our refinance. He was incredibly f... Read More »
  • What kind of company takes advantage of their customers by offering payment extensions and Comes back in a few days and refuses to honor what the p... Read More »
  • I have used Sell Your Gold several times. The customer service is great and helps with shipping. The offer is quick and everything is clearly expla... Read More »
  • The most unethical business. They lie about everything. Prices: They use the current pandemic to drive their prices up. Offices: They tell you... Read More »
  • Very nice class. lots of great information with easy to follow instructions. Read More »
  • about almost 3 years ago, my credit took a toll during my undergraduate years. I was working very little in order to obtain my bachelor therefore n... Read More »
  • Big thanks to Travis and Advantage Gold for going through the Gold IRA process with me! Read More »
  • This was the first time I use Mr Cooper to refinance my home and I like their online tracking tools. But the staff of Mr Cooper was awesome (Michel... Read More »
  • Furniture Bank Factory Outlet has an excellent and wide range of home furnishing products. I came across this website a few days back and ordered a... Read More »
  • It's been 3 years since we have seen any returns of our campaigns. Lake B2B has been what you call a saviour in every sense. The ROI returns are 80... Read More »
  • For Buy high-quality garden tools I will recommend you buy garden tools from Lavanya International. They provide genuine quality garden tools at af... Read More »
  • I think customer support is the most reliable indicator that you can trust the store. The product was also of excellent quality, my health says "th... Read More »
  • DebtHelper's counselor Barbara Molina is terrific! She quickly established a comfortable rapport with us over the phone, addressed the issues caref... Read More »
  • Great course, very helpful and well organized. Accepted in Henderson County, TN after COVID19 pandemic. Read More »
  • Made the mistake of ordering a roof rack from this company. Spent 2 hours trying to get it on but the holes would not line up with the rack. Boxed... Read More »
  • Movers did an excellent job moving me and family they packed and taped everything thing and put all my furniture in my house where I asked them to.... Read More »
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