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  • Researched every company under the sun. I landed on Advantage Gold because they gave a tremendous amount of education through the process, they we... Read More »
  • Mitch was very helpful throughout the entire process and answered all of my questions on acquiring precious metals. Highly recommend Advantage Gold... Read More »
  • This company put my mind and pocket at ease. Everyone that my son and I dealt with was professional, friendly and efficient. The entire process was... Read More »
  • My account got brought by Westlake. I was never late paying my bill ever even during the pandemic. When they purchased my account I was sent messag... Read More »
  • I have had the pleasure of working closely with Ivy Arias on multiple home loan refinancing ventures. What I admire the most about Ivy are her comm... Read More »
  • Marc N. did a fabulous job with walking us through the process of metals ownership. His patience was unlimited and his knowledge invaluable. He tre... Read More »
  • Brandon Thor was awesome! Gold was new to me so I had tons of questions but now I feel like a pro. Read More »
  • Today is the 4th time Mesa has missed an appointment to install my garage door. They have blamed it on the Holidays, COVID, and door availability.... Read More »
  • I specially visited this place to try out some organic food but I couldn't say that I liked this place but still I wanna see once again what they c... Read More »
  • I have been using iTrustCapital for 5-6 months, and have had very inconsistent results when it comes to adding cash funds to my account. 2 of the 5... Read More »
  • i worked for 911 when your child come to 911 they have a lot of work to do. changing there live is one of the big step your child must take. for pe... Read More »
  • This is insane! These people won't mess with the return for 14 days because of Covid! We were not told to not open the box once we received it for... Read More »
  • Joel Castro and his crew of professionals could not have done a better job painting the exterior of our home. J.C. Professional started and finishe... Read More »
  • I just have to said, Excellent in all the ways.... event the staff is always willing to help you in everything you will need. A+++ Read More »
  • Coastal Pacific Lending is the most professional, caring company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Usually acquiring a home loan is a t... Read More »
  • I had the pleasure of speaking with Justin from student services. Justin was so professional, thorough and he was patient with me. I absolutely lov... Read More »
  • I found Sell Your Gold to be not only easy to work with and fast but the customer service was tops. I got all the assistance I needed with all my q... Read More »
  • As a tenant, I have been very pleased with my building manager Susan. She is very responsive to our maintenence requests and is on top of everythin... Read More »
  • At first all was good Capital Providers were saving our business money and they were very helpful the staff was nice and seemed knowledgeable. Then... Read More »
  • I purchased a Schwinn AC Performance Cycle and Echelon 2 console from Total Body Experts and Studio Cycles in late November. I worked with Jason wh... Read More »
  • Had an incredible experience working with Dane. He was very helpful and enthusiastic. Read More »
  • I recently purchased a new set of tires and it looks like one of them is used as I just got a flat within 24 hours. Extremely disappointing that I... Read More »
  • It was easy to assemble. That’s it. The welds break very easy. We are super careful. When it broke I got a hold of the company. It took top managem... Read More »
  • *** If you get a Rapid test at the Park Slope location, be prepared to NEVER receive your results, but be charged $$ anyway! *** I had a rapid and... Read More »
  • Hands down the worst experience I have had with a company. The hidden fee's and below poor customer service have been beyond painful. I have used... Read More »
  • I also suffered bad credit from the 08 recession and I paid for it with SEVEN YEARS OF BAD CREDIT so why does a company get to come along and purch... Read More »
  • Thank you to Travis and the rest of the Advantage Gold team! Read More »
  • Two times in a row I have left because of over booking.Medi cal has paid them for my dentures. I want my dentures and I will never go back. I just... Read More »
  • I had the pleasure of speaking with Matthew Bodien earlier this evening about my student loans and he walked me through the application process of... Read More »
  • I love their services and products i cant' be happier Read More »
  • La transfer and storage Aaron, was my first interaction with this company. He was hard pressing and doing whatever he could to get the sale. He got... Read More »
  • The unit worked as expected. Much better than lap top camera. Read More »
  • Great course! Very knowledgeable professors with years of experience! Extra videos and practice tests were VERY heplfull Read More »
  • Cameron was extremely kind and professional throughout the process. The education is incredible and very informative. Highly recommend. Read More »
  • I have done about 6 real estate transactions, all with different brokers but didn't really find my groove with any of them. Yes, they were nice eno... Read More »
  • I could not praise higher. Super-professional outfit, great at communication, friendliness and expertise about buying precious metals. My personal... Read More »
  • I have found Court Order classes to be extremely effective and is a great platform for completing courses. Read More »
  • I had a great experience with James, he helped me immensely. Advantage Gold are very helpful with excellent customer service, very generous with ti... Read More »
  • It’s a pretty good deal, considering you don’t have to pay anything to install. With the help of a free trial, I have connected with more customers... Read More »
  • I learned more than I anticipated. Found the course work to be beneficial for personal growth. Read More »
  • Great prices, great quality, great people Read More »
  • Outlines are very well crafted to include only the information you need to know for the CA essays and separately for the MBE. Unlike BarBri, which... Read More »
  • Awesome company very nice people. Highly recommended. Read More »
  • My order arrived 3 days after I placed it and it was extremely fresh. Highly recommended and I will be returning Read More »
  • James was amazing asked all my questions and even helped me every step of the way. Read More »
  • I run a web design/digital marketing startup. Not having the brand name and reputation of more established companies has made it difficult to attra... Read More »
  • Well, it was my mistake ....somehow I got the wrong acct # on my payment so they are calling me for a payment. I tracked the mistake down with my c... Read More »
  • My experience with Advantage Gold has been extremely educational, reassuring and supportive. They are a company with integrity and great customer r... Read More »
  • The doors they ahve stand out from the others in the area. We searched around so much and thought we had to settle with a local home depot. After d... Read More »
  • I did not know what to expect. I have to say the presentation was 100 % professional and I came away with a greater understanding of our financial... Read More »
  • I ordered a perfume, Amazing Grace parfum spray and was exited to receive it, as it is my favorite. When I sprayed it on my wriists, all I smelled... Read More »
  • This course really opened my eyes to the functional ways of dealing with anger, how sometimes anger is there for us to constructively and effective... Read More »
  • Kirill and Ben have been very helpful in educating me on all precious metals investments. These investments include Gold and Silver IRA's as well a... Read More »
  • Lots of positives. Cost did seem high but I felt like they spent so much time working with our staff and going back and forth with us in a number o... Read More »
  • They never answer the phone when you call or return your voice mail messages. I have had severe symptoms of low testosterone and these people act l... Read More »
  • At first I didn’t think it would work but it actually did and I am very grateful. Justin was very helpful and made enrolling very smoothly. If anyt... Read More »
  • Well! My whole family now enjoys using the new dining room furniture I got from Bergen Furniture and Design. I was randomly checking products when... Read More »
  • I moved my metals portfoliio over to Red Rock in November 2020 with the understanding that I would take home delivery of my assets. I have had a ha... Read More »
  • Terrible experience! This company took my money and provided no services. I called the owner and left 4 messages but no response. I texted the repr... Read More »
  • The luxury city is an online store. It is a huge collection of luxury brands. Some brands are like sunglasses for men, sunglasses for women, Porsch... Read More »
  • I am impressed with how quick they are to respond and how friendly their staff is. Knows the answer to my questions and explained to me what I need... Read More »
  • I am based in New Zealand and have been dealing with Randy and his som Junior at Valleywide Towing for the past 4 years .During this period.I have... Read More »
  • I've been using Iolo System Mechanic for many years. I do a ton of web surfing, visiting many different types of sites -- including some that use s... Read More »
  • Thank you Jason for all your help. Great customer service and very knowledgeable with my questions. Everything went fast, smoothly and very prompt... Read More »
  • This is a review of an occasion from 2005. I had sent $200 to pay for my high school reunion and then couldn't attend. I was promised $100 refund a... Read More »
  • We had these guys install 6X24 plank tile throughout our home, we just love it. They were here on time and worked very hard to make sure that we we... Read More »
  • Great service, from the very beginning to the end, the sales and support team was professional, gracious, responsive and punctual. Thanks. Read More »
  • I'm very pleased and overjoyed !! I can honestly say that this company and its employees are the BEST EVER!!! They are very patient and helps one c... Read More »
  • My wife invested $20,000 of our money in Sam's startup of every loan we haven't heard from since I've made a repeated attempts to connect with him... Read More »
  • I have a Dali etching from the 1970s and I had a few questions about its authenticity and value. Joe's response was timely and helpful. He answered... Read More »
  • This website is a scam. After I asked for a withdraw of what I have won on the website, my account was suddenly banned, no way to login anymore and... Read More »
  • Buyer be Ware Scammers and rip-off Buyer be Ware! True rating less than 1 star Purchased tickets and insurance on 11/12/2019 with a departure date... Read More »
  • OMG!!This was the worst Christmas ever thanks to this company. First of all I order diamond earrings that was supposed to be 1/2ct. Well not only w... Read More »
  • I paid off a debt in 2015 and have been trying ever since to get a lien removed from my property. I cannot sell this property because they will not... Read More »
  • It's a horrible company. There is always an outage. They never seem to be in a hurry to get things fixed!!! Especially on Friday's. They expect you... Read More »
  • I was scammed by this company! They wanted me to pay $3,000 in full to get me in front of the line with the lawyers (getting you to pay in full tac... Read More »
  • I have received multiple letters from this institution as to refinance my home for a lower rate. I figured why not, let me see what can be done. I... Read More »
  • Advantage Gold has a disciplined process that makes it easy to understand the precious metals markets and their purchase and depository process. Ma... Read More »
  • Alex with Coastal Pacific Lending was AMAZING!! Very easy to work with, honest and had our best interest as a focus. He explained every step of the... Read More »
  • I am so mad at the moment, just bought a 2020 hyundai tucson and set up my payments, my first payment was due on January 1st, paid on December 26th... Read More »
  • We need to sell our current property for a new purchase. It happened in the middle of cover-19 and the end of year. A very complicated case! But Jo... Read More »
  • I recently worked with Joann for refinancing/ purchasing and she did a very good job finding lowest rates possible in a timely fashion. Very good c... Read More »
  • Unprofessional, rude, uncaring, with poor communication skills and hours as the icing on the cake. Extremely poor service. Lackluster maintenance.... Read More »
  • I paid over $2000 for an engagement ring on Dec 11'th and was promised delivery by Xmas. Item did not arrive and I was disappointed and Xmas was al... Read More »
  • Believe me, it's really beneficial to me. With the free trial option of this plugin, I used the features and found out a lot of things that have ch... Read More »
  • We recently finished the refi at very best rate comparing to the industry and in a super fast closing time. She is very dedicated broker and follow... Read More »
  • Great people to work with, explained everything in detail.they handled everything with ease including the transfer from my existing IRA. Read More »
  • STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS! They will take more from you than the lenders! If you need help, work with the original lender - I wish I had! I have... Read More »
  • Alex B. was professional and friendly providing me with all I needed to know, and made sure I understood all about the reverse mortgage I was apply... Read More »
  • DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered 10 cases for my employees cell phones and only one came in the mail. I waited thinking it will come later... Read More »
  • I can see so much better with my $5 shades bought on Amazon. These EyeBuy lenses are the worst! Ugh! I also hated that I had to register to post so... Read More »
  • This company is very knowledgeable from drywall service to interior home painting. In fact they did a great job in my house, nice color and impress... Read More »
  • This construction company is very detail and precise. The quote was fair and excellent construction service. I am very satisfied because the bathro... Read More »
  • I refinanced my home though Mr. Cooper and had an excellent experience. Scott Leong and Ariana Solis were extremely helpful and made the process so... Read More »
  • I wanted to write this review when I had my first appointment with National Credit law center but have not had the time to get on here and do so. ... Read More »
  • This is the second refinance I have done with David Howes. Again, from start to finish, it was a very smooth process. I got an incredibly low rate,... Read More »
  • Not sure we really understood the process when we agreed to the engagement but I am glad we stuck it out till the end. One of the only real challen... Read More »
  • Anthony and team have handled multiple loans for me over the years and have never let me down! They have earned my business as well as referrals of... Read More »
  • I recently bought an indoor cycling bike (stages) for my home and would like to share some positive feedback here! I am very impressed! Each indivi... Read More »
  • Great course covered most of what I needed not only to understand the test, but start my new career. Read More »
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